July 15, 2020

The care for the patients

Once we get the patients, we enroll them in our program, thanks to the supporting institutions that have come out to aid in this excellent course.

We give them the required care and medical treatment. It’s not easy to take the drugs for that long.

Our home-based care program comes in handy to take care of such situations. We do a follow-up with proper counseling on the need to take the drugs and proper diet to counter the rough side effects.

Pediatric care

We have a specific program for the children. It’s not easy seeing your child suffer from this disease, yet your hands are tied on what to do.

Talk to us, let us know of your feeling; we will offer all the necessary support you need to smooth the storm.

We are flexible in our program, in our contact us page, we get feedback on what you want to learn from our blog.

We will be glad to start the project if that is what it takes to have a fulfilling life as a kidney cancer survivor.

We have health talks that involve survivors who offer practical guidance on what to do when it comes to kidney cancer. Feel free and talk to us on our social media platforms; we will be glad to hear from you.

Send Us Your Thoughts 

You can reach out to us through email and we will be happy to get back to you. Our support staff is waiting to give you the assistance you need and connect you to the right professional.

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